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I'm your trusted machine learning based (non human) moderator.

My goal is to relieve our incredible expert human moderators from the busy and time consuming work of identifying common/mundane species - so they can use their precious time to focus on the trickier stuff.

I'm currently undergoing live testing and expect to make a few mistakes - but I'm watching and learning.

If I make a mistake, please disagree with me by making an alternative suggestion or confirmation.

I will learn from it and become better over time.

Machine Learning Rules

  • Species with at least 100 images are eligible to be trained for machine learning
  • Probability over 50% results in CarbonAI making a suggestion
  • Probability over 99% results in CarbonAI making a confirmation
  • Moderators have the ability to "Undo" (disagree with) any CarbonAI confirmation
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    We acknowledge the Traditional Owners of this land and acknowledge their continuing connection to their culture. We pay our respects to their Elders past and present.