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20 Dec 2020

Hi All, Earlier this year, I made the difficult decision to provide advanced notice to the Atlas of Life in the Coastal Wilderness (ALCW) and Budawang Coast Nature Map (BCNM) projects, that we would no longer be able to support either project in their current form beyond 30 Jun 2021. This was funda...

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AaronClausen wrote:
17 Nov 2020
Thanks for the feedback Christine. We are playing with the alerts tool a bit more now and I'm keen to get your continued feedback as the changes ...

Platform update
Christine wrote:
13 Nov 2020
Hi Aaron, that last bit about alerts sounds like a great idea, but currently I have 2 alerts, but it is only showing the most recent one. I had a...

Platform update
AaronClausen wrote:
12 Nov 2020
Hi All, Set Sample Species Images - Today we have (finally) re-introduced the ability to define the sample species images. - These are basically ...

Platform update
AaronClausen wrote:
9 Nov 2020
Hi All, Lots of improvements were released over the weekend. The team have been working extremely hard. Here is a quick summary: Mobile update An...

Platform update
AaronClausen wrote:
2 Nov 2020
Hi All, The new latest surveys page is now in place and working. Cheers Aaron....

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