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Angophora costata

1 Rusty Gum, Smooth-barked Apple at Vaucluse, NSW

Angophora costata at Vaucluse, NSW - 19 Feb 2022
Angophora costata at Vaucluse, NSW - 19 Feb 2022
Angophora costata at Vaucluse, NSW - 19 Feb 2022
Angophora costata at Vaucluse, NSW - 19 Feb 2022
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Identification history

Angophora costata 21 Feb 2022 Tapirlord
Angophora costata 19 Feb 2022 JoelCallaghan

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User's notes

Growing amongst sandstone in Sydney Harbour NP. Surrounding vegetation community has been degraded now supporting a large number of introduced flora species.


   4 Mar 2022
I note that Angophora costata is shown under the species information as a "Non-local Native", perhaps this needs to be changed?
   13 Mar 2022
Good call Matthew. I've changed the species status to non-invasive, local native (as it should be for our region), however the national species status seems to be over-riding it, so I think this is one for admin. I'll request for this to be changed.
Thanks for bringing it to our attention.
   16 Mar 2022
This has been done, thanks to MichaelB.
For those interested, this would be the subspecies Angophora costata costata based on distribution. There are two subspecies now recognised, both of them being found in the Greater Sydney region. The key distinguishing features of the nominate subspecies are "Hypanthium usually glabrous, fruit mostly less than 15 mm diam." according to PlantNET.

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  • Not Sensitive
  • Local Native
  • Non-Invasive

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  • 1 - 3 Abundance
  • 19 Feb 2022 10:19 AM Recorded on
  • JoelCallaghan Recorded by

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