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Streamlining of support arrangements

 23 Aug 2020

Hi All,

We need to streamline the way that we provide support to users in order to cope with the masses of enquiries we now receive.

NatureMapr will no longer be able to provide open/general technical support to all users.

We are also no longer able to provide support for the following configurations:

  • Internet explorer (any version) - this is no longer supported by Microsoft
  • iPhone 6 or older - this is no longer supported by Apple
  • iPad 4 or older - this is no longer supported by Apple

NatureMapr will continue to provide detailed technical support to our paying customers (project administrators).

That is, if you are experiencing any form of technical issue, please use the main Contact form to get in touch with your project administrators.

Project administrators will then triage and be able to provide you with basic assistance.

In the event that there is an issue or bug with the platform, the project adminstrators will be in the best position to recognise this and can then escalate to the product team using the "Technical Support" form that only project administrators have access to.

Thanks for your support.

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